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Welcome to the Klay Krew's home page! Check the Movies page!



4   3/25/06                            TheKlayKrew Beta services

By Steve

Hey all,

    I'm thinking about maybe taking 5-6 people and letting them try out new features of the site. E-Mail me if you are interested.


3   3/24/06                              Webmaster

By Steve

    Hey all,

    Okay I suck at HTML and right now I'm using frontpage, so help me out if you know HTML. Be the Klay Krew's official webmaster. Only one thing: I have to be the co-web master. If you are interested please email me.


2   3/23/06                          LiveHelp to LiveChat/LiveHelp

by Steve

    Okay the LiveHelp is kind of pointless so I'm making it LiveHelp and LiveChat, here's how it works: The chat room is open to all people, you can chat and do all that fun. When you see HelpyHelper, double click the name on the side and make sure the profile sounds like a bot because HelpyHelper is a bot. Anyway, to get help all you have to do is send the bot a PM and go from there. Have fun! Steve


 1   3/22/06                           

By Steve

Well, this is the first news post :-) I'm too much of a slacker to get cutenews up so, we have this little thing going! Anyway, we have a couple new things on the site, first off, this news thing lol. Next, we have the LiveHelp which is only if you have a question for me, please read the rules before logging on. Lastly, there is the coolest little thing, It's KrewSpace, this is like MySpace only this site hosts it :-), this makes it so you have complete control over your profile. All you have to do is send me an E-Mail with a web page (.html or .htm) attached and tell me comments or questions in the E-Mail, and then boom, within a day you will see your name in the directory. If you want your KSpace private, please tell me in the email, I will reply with your KSpace URL. Thanks, Steve